Greater Yellowlegs

General description.

One of North America's most ubiquitous "coastal birds", the Greater Yellowlegs is a tall sandpiper. A slender wading bird with conspicuous "yellow legs", he stands in an upright position. He is gray with brown streaks and no wing stripes, but a noticeable white rump. He can be seen running about wildly in shallow water sometimes wading up to the belly.

Flight pattern.

In flight, the Yellowlegs appears a dark-winged bird with long legs extended.

Breeding habits.

The Greater Yellowlegs breeds on tundra and marshy ground from Alaska across Labrador and Hudson Bay to the Maritime Provinces.

Calls or song.

A noisy bird, the Greater Yellowlegs emits loud, ringing three syllabed notes, "whew-whew-whew".

Population and distribution.

Yellowlegs are found on the edges of the marsh, where they winter along the coasts from Washington and Virginia south, as well as the Gulf States.

Nesting habits.

This bird makes a shallow depression in the ground in a damp, open space. She lays 4 tawny eggs, marked with brown.

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