Winter Wren

General description.

The Winter Wren comes to us from the North when the House Wren leaves for the South and remains with us until the House Wren returns in the spring. But one by no means takes the place of the other. The Winter Wren is a wood Wren that lives in fallen tree-tops, old brush-piles or similar retreats, and his nervous "chimp, chimp," as with cocked-up tail he hops into view for a second, is like the call of the Song Sparrow rather than the scolding note of most Wrens; nor does his rippling, trickling song resemble the House Wren's sudden outburst.

Female appearance.


Flight pattern.


Breeding habits.


Population and distribution.

Nests from northern New England and Central Michigan north to Canada and, in the Alleghanies, south to North Carolina; winters from the Northern States to the Gulf.

Nesting habits.

The 5-7 eggs, laid in early June, are white, finely, but rather sparingly speckled with brownish.

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