American Robin
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General description.

The American Robin is a member of the thrush family, and as such, the largest. Considered our "harbinger of spring' the American Robin, more often than not, has been here through winter, hiding in cedar bogs and swamps and, therefore, unnoticed.

Breeding habits.

The American Robin breeds from Alaska to Canada and throughout the Continental United States, except for the deep south.

Calls or song.

We often awaken to the Robin's melodious, "cheer up, cheerily, cheer-up, cheerily".

Population and distribution.

Originally, the American Robin nested in forests, where some still do, but they now inhabit towns, gardens, open woodlands and farms.

Nesting habits.

The Robin is a superb engineer. Constructing the nest in the fork of two tree limbs about six feet from the ground, she tamps down a platform of twigs, which she has laced with grass and small roots, then secures with mud and layers with feathers and grass. She then lays 3-5 beautiful blue eggs, familiar to all young boys. The American Robin will usually have two broods a year.
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