Blue-winged Warbler

General description.

A black eye line runs right through the eye of the "Blue-winged Warbler". He has two white wing bars.

Female appearance.

The sexes are similar.

Flight pattern.

Breeding habits.

The "Blue Winged Warbler" breeds in the United States from Nebraska across Iowa and Wisconsin to central New England, and south down the Atlantic Coast to Georgia.

Calls or song.

The Blue-winged buzzes like an insect, "see-bzzz".

Population and distribution.

This warbler can be found in a variety of places, such as the trees and thickets of abandoned fields, pastures and forest clearings. He searches, like a vireo, for food - remaining motionless for minutes at a time, sometimes hanging upside down while examining a leaf or cocoon. They winter in the tropics.

Nesting habits.

"Blue-winged Warblers" place a cone shaped nest of leaves and grass among weeds and bushes.

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