Warbling Vireo

General description.

Not know for its plumage, this small Warbling Vireo has gained its name and reputation through song.

Flight pattern.


Breeding habits.

If you listen and tred carefully you may find the Warbling Vireo in a grove of tall shade trees on the bank of a stream. It breeds in most of the Continental United States with the exception of Texas, the Carolinas and Florida.

Calls or song.

The Warbling Vireo, as its name might imply, warbles with a complex and persistant, "iggley, pigelly, wigelly, pig" and "brigadier, brigadier, briga-tree".

Population and distribution.

Widespread throughout the U.S. Winters in the tropics

Nesting habits.

The Warbling Vireo constructs a workmanlike cup of bark and plant down, which it places within the fork of a tree limb at the top of the tree. It lays 3-4 brown speckled white eggs
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