Canada Warbler

General description.

What makes this warbler different, in addition to the necklace, is his yellow "spectacles". He was discovered in Canada, hence his name. The "Canada Warbler" is also identified by the soubriquet, "Necklaced Warbler".

Female appearance.

The female "Canada Warbler" is similar to the male, but duller.

Juvenile appearance.

The young resemble the female "Canada Warbler".

Flight pattern.

This warbler ranges at low levels, no more than six feet up, as he hops and darts for insects above the rhododendrons, often picking them off in flight with a snap of his bill.

Breeding habits.

This warbler breeds in southern Canada to the northern United States, east of the Rockies. They also range in the Appalachians south to Georgia.

Calls or song.

The "Canada Warbler" sings a medley of warbler songs.

Population and distribution.

Although named for one country, the "Canada Warbler" is no stranger to another, even in breeding season. This bird winters in North South America.

Nesting habits.

The female hides her nest in a rotten stump. She makes it home for four brown spotted white eggs. The nest itself is made of dead leaves, bark shreds and grass, line with fine material, such as hair.

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