Yellow-headed Blackbird

General description.

The Yellow-headed Blackbird is a very distinct bird. This bird is often aggressive and will attack other birds as well as humans. This bird is often found near water in large groups foraging for the insects that it eats. When nesting, this bird is found in the marsh and in large colonies. The males mate with more than one female in the nesting colony, thus spreading their genes as far as possible. This bird, though common, is susceptible to habitat loss due the draining of marshes.

Female appearance.

The female has an overall brown body with a yellow patch on her chest. Smaller than males.

Juvenile appearance.

Juveniles have dark brown backs and lighter brown chests and stomaches.

Flight pattern.

Direct with rapid wing beats.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

klee-klee-klee-ko-kow-w-w-w,w,w,w and ka-aack

Population and distribution.

Common in freshwater marshes. Rare on East Coast.

Nesting habits.

The Yellow-headed Blackbird nests in reeds and lays 3-5 gray or green eggs.
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