Northern Goshawk

General description.

The Northern Goshawk is the biggest hawk in North America. Using its broad wings, the Northern Goshawk can fly quickly and agilely through the thick forest where it lives. When hunting, this bird perches in a tree until it spots prey. Once the prey is spotted, the Northern Goshawk dives towards the prey, killing it with its sharp talons. The range of this majestic bird has been expanding recently, however in the Southwest, populations ares threatened by habitat loss. The Northern Goshawk nests on a tree and will protect its young most aggressively, attacking anything that comes near the nest.

Female appearance.

Larger than male.

Flight pattern.

Direct. Alternates between strong wings beats and gliding during flight. This bird also soars on thermals.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

kac-kac-kac or kuk-kuk-kuk and kee-a-ah

Population and distribution.

Rare throughout its range. The range is from the central United States to northern Canada.

Nesting habits.

The Northern Goshawk builds its nest out of twigs in a tree. It lays 3-4 blue or off-white eggs in April.

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