Rose-breasted Grosbeak
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General description.

Additionally, the handsome "Rose-breasted Grosbeak's" attire consists of white wing patches, belly & rump. He has a heavy, pinkish-white bill, with which he touches the female's in a show of affection during courtship.

Female appearance.

The female "Rose-breasted Grosbeak" is white above and below, with heavy brown streaking and a prominent white eyebrow.

Juvenile appearance.

The young resemble the female, except for touches of rose on wing linings and breast.

Breeding habits.

Arriving in the moist woodlands of the eastern United States in May, male grosbeaks compete fiercely for mates. As the female perches demurely, the males dive and wheel overhead, black wings flashing white. Combat over, the winner becomes quiet and helps the female build her nest.

Calls or song.

Both sexes sing, their songs similar to the American Robin; rich, whistled, warbling sounds, including the characteristic "chink" call.

Population and distribution.

A common songbird, the "Rose-breasted Grosbeak" occupies several habitats: woodlands adjacent to open fields, overgrown orchards, parks and gardens. They are beneficial to farmers, consuming many potato beetles and larvae, as well as weed seeds, wild fruits and buds.

Nesting habits.

A nest of twigs, grass and plant fibers is set in a low branch of a tree. There the female grosbeak lays four or five purple-spotted whitish eggs. The male not only helps build the nest, but assists in incubating also. Despite the danger of attracting intruders, he even sings while sitting on the eggs.
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